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Species Name

Planet and Society:

Where do they live?
-on a planet?
-if not, where do they live?
  -is it a moon?
  -an asteroid?
  -a nebula?
  -just space in general?
-if they live in space, how do they survive?
  -how do they take in nutrients?
  -what is their method of propulsion?
What planet does the species live on?
-what is the planet's name?
-what about its sun's name?
-how far away is the planet from its sun?
-how long does it take for the planet to revolve around its sun?
-how many moons does the planet have?
Are there any crises that have occurred that changed the planet's climate?
-what were they/ was it?
-what did it affect?
What is a typical day on this planet like?
-how many Earth hours in one day there?
-how many seasons does the planet have?
-how many months in one of their years?
  -how long are their months?
When did life on this planet begin?
-how many billion/ million/ thousand years ago?
-how did it begin?
-what did the earliest organisms look like?
-were they direct ancestors of the species you're focusing on?
What are the main climates like?
-is the whole planet dominated more by water or by land?
-what's the atmosphere like?
-are there more than one dominant climate?
-what's it like closer to the equator as opposed to farther toward the poles?
Does this race have a religion?
-do they have more than one religion?
-what is the main religion?
-do the religions conflict or do they have a basis in the same thing?
-how important is/are the religion(s)?
-what are their beliefs?
What are their beliefs around Death?
-How do they treat the dead?
  -Do they have burial rituals, and if so, what are they?
  -Do they consider death something to be happy or sad about?
-Do they believe in an afterlife?
  -If so, what is their afterlife like?
  -Do they believe you take things with you when you die?
  -Do they believe that you reach a higher state of consciousness?
What is their system of government like?
-what is it based on?
  -religious beliefs?
  -scientific findings?
  -a little of both?
-do most people agree with it?
-how many types of governments are used on this planet?
  -which one is the most widely used?
  -which one is the most effective for its people?
What is their society like?
-what is it built around?
  -religious beliefs?
  -scientific findings?
  -a little of both?
-what is a typical social gathering like?
  -what do they do at their gatherings?
  -do they play games?
  -what kinds of games do they play?
-how do they connect with others in their community?
What do they do for recreation?
-do they have recreational time?
-do they play any sports?
-what other kinds of games do they play?
-what kind of media do they have?
How important is art to the society?
-what kinds of art do they like?
What is their music like?
-what kinds of instruments do they use?
-are their instruments more like…
  -woodwinds? (like flutes or clarinets)
  -brass? (like trumpets or tubas)
  -percussion? (like drums or xylophones)
  -strings? (like violins or guitars)
  -something else? (maybe like bagpipes)
-do they use a combination of their instruments to form bands?
-what does their music sound like?
  -is it smooth?
  -loud and annoying?
  -hard to follow?
What kinds of foods do they like?
-what do they typically eat?
  -what's for breakfast?
  -what's for lunch?
  -what's for dinner?
  -do they eat more or less than three times a day? why?
-how do they eat?
-what are the main things in their diet?
  -are they vegetarians? by choice?
  -are they carnivores? by choice?
  -are they omnivores?
-what do they need for nutrients?
  -something else?
  -how much of each?
-what do they consider delicacies?
Do they sleep?
-how much?
-how often?
-if they sleep, where do they like to sleep?
  -what do they sleep in or on?
-if they don't sleep, why don't they sleep?
  -how do they restore their energy?
What kinds of institutions do they have?
-are there public transport systems?
  -if so, what are they?
  -do they have a bus or taxi system?
  -a bicycle system?
-do they have a mail system?
-do they have a phone system?
-do they have a money system?
  -if not, what?
  -is everything given to people by the government in equal amounts?
-how do they educate their young?
  -do they have a school system?
  -are people educated according to the trade their family belongs to?
  -can they chose what they learn after they have a basic understanding of their world?
What do they like to study?
-do they have an extensive knowledge of medicine?
-what do they know that could help other races?
Have they been through any world wars?
-civil wars?
-revolutionary wars?
-why were they fighting?
What kinds of weapons do they use?
-phasors/ disruptors?
-types of bombs?
-something that they created?
-why do they use these things?
-what purposes do they serve?
-do they have social meaning?
-what is their planet's armament, usually?
  -what are their ship's armaments, usually?
-do the people fight with the weapons for show?
  -for tournaments?
  -for rituals?
-what rituals does this race have that are centred on weapons?
  -what purpose do these rituals serve?
  -why do the rituals exist?
  -how did they begin?
What do they prize above all else?
-is it concrete (like money) or abstract (like love)?
-why do they prize it?
-how did this come to be?
When did this race make first contact with the federation?
-had they made first contact with any other races before then?
  -how many?
-were they warp-capable, or was it an accident?
-did they know they weren't alone in the universe?
-what were their reactions to the first contact with the UFP?
Are they warp-capable now?
-how long have they been warp-capable?
-who invented their warp drive?

Origins, Evolution, Appearance and Biology:

What do they look like?
-what does their face look like?
-how many eyes/ arms/ legs (etc.) do they have?
  -What is/are the common eye colour(s)?
-what is their skin like?
-what colour(s) are they?
  -how did those colours develop?
-do they have hair?
  -what is it like?
  -What is/are the common hair colour(s)?
-what shape are their ears?
  -what purpose does that shape serve?
-what are their eyebrows like?
-what are their foreheads like?
-what size are they?
  -are they small or tall?
  -what purpose does their size serve?
-how did their appearance evolve?
What did they evolve from?
-how has that contributed to their current appearance?
-do they have any vestigial appendages or organs?
How do their brains work?
-do they have a brain like a human brain?
-what functions do certain parts of the brain serve?
Are they considered mammals, reptiles, amphibians, bugs?
Are they warm-blooded or cold-blooded?
-what colour is their blood?
-what is their blood based on?
  -copper based green or blue?
  -iron based red or black?
-how do they walk?
-how do they communicate?
-how do they think?
-are they intelligent?
-do they form societies?
-what do they live in?
  -do they build houses?
What does their species' name mean?
-why are they called that?
-did they give that name to themselves?
What kinds of sicknesses do they get?
-what are the sicknesses?
  -are they viral or bacterial sicknesses?
  -energy or light sicknesses?
  -what age groups do they affect?
  -what are the symptoms?
  -what are the causes?
  -what are the treatments?
-do they get diseases?
  -what kinds?
  -what do the diseases affect?
  -are there cures?

-Anomalies Specific to This Species:

-does this species do something cool?
-does this species have anything that other species don't?
-Is there anything this species has developed that other species have not?
-is there something specific to this species that can help other species?

-Subspecies and sister species:

Does this species have any species directly related to it?
-how did they evolve differently?
  -what brought about these changes?

Mating and Procreation:

Do they mate?
-why or why not?
-if not, how do they procreate?
How do they mate?
-why do they mate?
  -for any other reasons than procreation?
Are they androgynous?
-how did this evolve?
Is there a particular season in which they mate?
-do they have a mating cycle?
How many children do they typically have?
How long is their gestation period?
Do they lay eggs or give birth to live young?
What other species can they procreate with?
-how many are there?
How do they court each other?
-do they perform a courtship dance?
-do they give each other gifts?
-do they date?
What do they do to show affection for one another?
-do they kiss?
  -what does it look like?
  -do they touch hands or lips or noses?
-do they hug?
-do they hold hands?
What do they do before the mating process?
-do they kiss?
-do they bite?
-do they touch?
-do they chase one another?
Do they view mating as something more than a biological function?
Do they marry each other?
-if not, do they have a bonding ceremony that is like a marriage?
  -what happens at this ceremony?
  -what is decided at the ceremony?
  -what is shared after the ceremony?
  -what is the meaning of the ceremony?
-are they polygamists (having many mates) or monogamists (having one mate)?


How do they act
-on a daily basis?
-towards other species?
  -are they prejudiced against members of a different species?
  -which ones
-towards members of their own species?
  -are they prejudiced against members of their own species?
  -which ones
-in social gatherings?
  -are they social?
-among friends?
-among enemies?
-in inter-planetary meetings?
What are their customs?
-how do they greet each other?
-what things are considered taboo?


Do they have a language?
-how do they communicate?
-can they communicate with anyone?
How many languages are there on the planet?
-which one is the main or most widely spoken language?
-which one is spoken least?
What is their main language like?
-is the language a written language?
  -how many letters are in the language?
-what is the syntax like?
-is it similar to any Earth languages?
  -in what way(s)?
What's an example of the way they speak?
-why do they speak like that?
-how did that evolve?
How has their language changed over time?
-what was the ancient language like?
-why did it change?
-did it change because of outside influences?
What are some of their colloquialisms (slang)?


Do they name each other?
-how important are names?
What's a typical name?
-what's a typical female name?
-what's a typical male name?
-what's a typical unisex name?
How do they name?
-is there any special naming ceremony?
-does the given name come before the house name?
-does the house name come before the given name?
-are they adressed by their house name or their given name?
Do their names have symbolic meaning?

Notes about the species:
EDIT: I added questions about how they react to death...They're right under the Religion section. XD

EDIT: I added questions about common eye and hair colours.


These are all of the questions you should be asking yourself if you want to create a believable species. Granted, you won’t have to answer all of them to make your creation believable, but you will have to explain what their planet is like, what they look like, how they perceive things, their behaviour, and how they evolved. Use specific scientific evidence to back up your claims. Use what you have learnt in science about planets, stars, perception, evolution and genetics to make your species believable (I also recommend that you do some extra research). Include a picture of your alien species and some of these questins answered in complete sentences in paragraph form. You only need to answer questions that have something to do with your Alien; say you have a species that doesn't sleep, you don't have to answer the questions about sleeping. Also: you don't have to answer all the questions right away. I've found that as you develop your characters, you find out more about their species.
Most importantly, Have fun.
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CloverWing Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2015
nice list, ill probably use some to help brainstorm for my Dentii species!
Oddggear Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2015  Student General Artist
This is going to be very useful. Although I've noticed that it seems to revolve around species that do not have colonies or sprawling space empires.

Which makes it slightly confusing to work with when the species I have created have a sprawling space empire.
harrimaniac27 Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2015  Professional Traditional Artist
(Don't forget, this is a template. You can add your own questions to it so that it encompasses all of your species' facets! You could expand on their colonies and go into detail about the empire they have created in the govenment/societies sections.)
cutiepie185 Featured By Owner Edited Aug 8, 2015  Hobbyist Artist
I am definitely going to do this. I even have a name for the planet and species already.
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this shall be of great help, freund. thank you for your time spent on this!
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This is pretty interesting
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OK. But yeah that also might be handy for those that have trouble creating characters. I know I have trouble
Babylon2260 Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2010
Whoa! :omg: You really went through a lot of trouble putting this together! I think I'll use this as a guide for one of my OC-alien races.

I still need to draw them, though. :P
harrimaniac27 Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2010  Professional Traditional Artist
XD Actually, I went through a lot of trouble putting some spotlights together about the races I've created. It's all for a class I'm in. XD After I wrote the big paper (of which I'll have to do several...) This was an easy task. XD
You can see the first paper I did if you search my gallery for the Argasian Spotlight. I created this template from that paper. XD
Or better yet, why don't I just give you a link? Then you can see the end result. XD
I hope this helps XD
Caligari-87 Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2010  Hobbyist Photographer
Awesome, this is really in-depth. I love it! Definitely going to use this next time I have to design a species of some kind :D (oh, small gripe: you missed a "bold" closing tag on the "language" section)
harrimaniac27 Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2010  Professional Traditional Artist
Sweet! Definitely Link it to me!!

(Yeah..I fixed it already...It was bothering me...)
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